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What A Disappointing Day

Okay so first off, a little background. I absolutely love to put my skills in the trades to good use and volunteer my entire day to Habitat For Humanity with the intention of building homes for low-income families. I am one of their Crew-Leaders and essentially that means that I take a group of random (usually) volunteers and show them how to safely and effectively build a certain part of a home for that day. I would love to just volunteer there for the rest of my life, but I come from a rather poor family so such hopes are futile. Anyway, the bureaucrats in the city I live in is holding up all of the Habitat site because of various reasons. Due to this, the affiliate in my region as reach out to other regions to send large groups of people the their sites. Which is totally awesome but the thing is that I have to get up at 5:00 am to catch the bus on time. By stroke of luck last week, my boss I had to deal with something so I didn't end up working that day and was able to volunteer! I was glad I did as there was about 20 people and only two Crew-Leaders including myself. 

Now here is were the trouble starts ...

I was suppose to work today for at least half a day because we had to install a two story metal post for the steel beams we put in a few days prior. My boss failed to mention it to me earlier but told me not to worry about it as he should be able to manage on his own. Of course, I can not possible see how but nonetheless, I decided to not work (which I rarely ever do) and volunteer today with Habitat because I know they are expecting a large group and probably had no Crew-Leaders for the day. So I wake up at 5am (sucks!) and the weather was freaken freezing cold! I had to bus my way to Habitats bus to took about an hour to get there. When I got there, there was only two people. A staff and a student (from the group for that day). No biggy I thought, I am sure everyone will come soon. 30 Minutes later, TWO freaken people!!!! We could not hold up the bus anymore and myself and the lone group member left in it (staff only greets the group). So we had two freaken people in a 30 plus seater bus heading to another city. How sad and embarrassing. But, I still had hope that some people were going to drive there instead. No. The site-super told me he almost shit is pants when he say the bus but burst into laughter when he saw just two guys coming out  :[  Fast forward to the end of the day, and I split open the tip of my finger wide open. It was so cold that I didnt even notice until other people started pointing out where all the blood on the windows we were installing was coming from. I have never been injured before physically while working that I saw blood or needed to miss work. Habitat on the other hand, I have had so many injuries that it is ridiculous! I have had everything from 7 stitches to falling from the roof to what happened today! Like what the freaken hell!! How is it that I can get injured like this while volunteering and not while a am working like a dog all day in much more dangerous conditions and not have a single stratch (well figurtively, my body is pretty scarred, lol). Ridiculous. So anyway, whatever, whats done is done and I still contributed to the construction of the home. But still, since I do not waste my time of such vanities as clubbing and drinking, going to Habitat is were I really get to meet people and socialized, which I love! 
Anyway, to add insult to injury, my boss's friend needs a hand tomorrow so I guess I'm going to work :[  So basically, I am going to be working two weeks straight. :[ I dont mind working, but I just like to have at least a half day to myself so that I may sleep in. As well, I usually never turn down work because I feel guilty if I do so. 

But whatever I guess... not like this is even comparable to the other stuff I have dealt with before.

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What A Disappointing Day, posted March 2nd, 2013

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